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My Approach

I’ve been writing in several different capacities for over 14 years. The thing that I’ve discovered about writing for people is that it’s not entirely about me.

Sure, I can bring my expertise and track record of results to the table. But in the big picture, the writer’s job is to do one thing…get results for the client.

That being said, my approach is to find out from you what results you’re after, learn something about your market that I’ll be writing for, and deliver a message that will not only get the attention of your market – but one that will move them to respond to your call to action, whatever it is.

People usually give the same generic answers about what sets them apart from other writers. Mine is simple: My aim is to turn your content into selling machines for a reasonable price.

My Story

I was introduced to writing around 2004, and it started out as a quest to work more in the literary sector, writing books and articles and other things.

My first paid article was “Prevent It Or Deal With It: 9 Tips To Handle Bank Fraud”, about our personal experience with an unexpected bank fraud that turned out to be an education – and a helpful article. It was published on a site that no longer exists, but I still have it for reference.

Shortly after, I got some work doing product descriptions for after market automotive products, which made me some extra money.

Toward the end of that same year, I found copywriting by accident, and I was hooked. But I also discovered a couple things.

One, people didn’t know what copywriting was. Many mixed it up with getting copyrights for intellectual property like books, songs, etc.

Two, the industry was getting a bad rap, due to unscrupulous individuals who did a number of wrong things, one of them being selling products and services with the use of hype, not offering real value.

So I was coming in green in the middle of a harsh climate, but I was determined to learn the art of copywriting.

Unfortunately, I wasted a lot of time trying to learn exclusively through the newsletters of successful individuals who were doing what I wanted to do.

I soon discovered that only a small handful of them were doing it ethically. Most were hype artists, who tried to sell me and others these expensive courses that – I found out – focused on what could be considered little more than trickery.

I’m not in the business of trickery, so I stayed away from those people.

I attempted to break out on my own, and did get a few jobs, but something was wrong…ME. I had a hard time persuading people to hire me because I had so few jobs to include in my “portfolio”.

The other thing was a harsh realization in the form of this question: “How can I help others with their copy if I can’t help myself?”

I had to sell myself better, plain and simple.

Fast forward to August 2010. I had been gainfully employed for 3.5 years up to that point, and I was let go from the company.

Incidentally, I was not terminated for disciplinary reasons, because I received unemployment compensation. This was just 2 years after the economic meltdown of 2008, but many job markets were still reeling from the effects.

I made the best of it, and while I still had some money, I invested in a used copy of AWAI’s famed Six-figure Copywriting Course. It cost about one-fourth of a brand new copy, and I was very eager to dive in.

Life would follow with a 2-year long economic hardship that was devastating, but ended once I was gainfully employed again (not in copywriting).

In early 2017, a major life change occurred with my wife that made me seriously consider going back to writing in some form so I could work from home and help her.

I finally left the job in December of that year. The reasons mostly centered around freeing myself – and my employer – from the stress of juggling a full-time job and caring for my wife.

However, leaving my employer kept me out of what could have been a costly legal matter, one that might have left me standing.

That’s all I can say about that, but it should give you a strong indication that I am a person of principle, integrity and honesty.

Those are just a few qualities that I carry with me in all my dealings.

Anyway, I left, and my wife and I sold our trailer and moved in with family in March of 2018. I was very busy writing content that year. I built up a collection of more than 300 pieces of content for clients, earning me a great deal of positive feedback.

The only hard part about that was doing that work through content mills. It was okay starting out, but after a while, my quality work was taken for granted, and my earnings did not increase.

Since December 2018, I’ve been taking on my own clients. I’ve worked with several “one-timers” who hired me for one project, and liked my work, but there were no other jobs to follow.

As of now, I have one solid client who is poised to load me up with work, some of which could be massively big. Stay tuned.

Feel free to check out my available services or shoot me an email to discuss your project.

Meet the Team

My Team

I’m primarily a one-man team when it comes to work, but I would be nothing without my teammate for life, my wife Aldith.

She is a strong woman, and after 20 years married, we make a strong couple.

Next Steps…

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane, and I urge you to click on the following link if you’d like to contact me for more information, a quote, anything. Contact me