Hello Fellow Writers!

I’d like to briefly welcome you all. I came up with the name for this blog just toying with words. It isn’t clever for clever’s sake, however. 

“High on the Blog” is meant to stress the need for quality content that either pre-sells your readers with authoritative instruction that could lead them to filling a need the market has, or selling quality products to them that solves a unique problem. 

That’s exactly what my aim is here. So here’s my introductory post.

Whether you rely on others to create your content, or you write content for others, there are some things that people miss. 

I’ve been writing content for over 14 years, both free and paid. Last year, 2018, was the most productive year I’ve had doing this, both in terms of volume and earnings. 

Working with a wide variety of clients during that time, I had a pretty good idea of what quality content is. However, I also learned that it’s not always so cut and dry. There are several nuances that can escape you in the rush to to get your content published. 

Plainly put, you can write good content that doesn’t work. Sounds contradictory, but it comes down to two things:

  1. The purpose of the content

  2. The audience you’re writing to

By purpose, I mean why is the content being specifically written? There are usually one of three choices:

  1. You want to draw targeted traffic and possibly increase readership.

  2. You want to turn readers into subscribers.

  3. You want to sell a product or service to readers or subscribers.

Next, you find out who you’re writing to. What are their interests? What is their age group? Are there key phrases they identify with?

The more questions you ask, the better idea you’ll have about how to write to them. 

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Be sure to read my next post! See ya!

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