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Abstract Roofing & Construction

This reputable roofing company in New Jersey needed 12 pages of content for their website to draw attention to their services and inform their readers. Their web theme has changed since it was completed, but most of the content is still there. It amounted to about 12,000 words of content, and I had about a week to get it done. Mission accomplished!

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Luxury Mattress Company

Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote for a luxury mattress company dealing with the affect a company’s overall performance:

“The longer the body is deprived of sleep, the more it is deprived of the chance replenish and repair itself. This can have a real impact on your immune system – and not for the better.

Over an extended time, this pattern will make your body break down, which can turn into vulnerability to colds, flu and even infectious diseases.

Add to this the greater difficulty in recovery and healing from these maladies, and you have a recipe for a poor attendance record at the least, not to mention the loss of an otherwise productive employee working on your important projects.

Some people don’t like to be absent, even if they’re genuinely sick, which can put other employees at risk of catching the same maladies, possibly resulting in more people being absent.

It’s clear how the bottom line can be impacted, even on a short-term level. However, getting plenty of sleep will exponentially increase your chances of keeping your immune system from malfunctioning, keeping you on the payroll – and contributing to the company’s bottom line. “

They will be publishing the entire article soon, but I know that they’re happy with it!