Price or Value?

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My apologies for the gap. My goal is to keep content coming a few times each week, but last week got away from me. I’ll spare you the reasons…ugh!

Anyway, I’d like to talk to you about something that always seems to be at the heart of some controversy when it comes to hiring writers.

I’ve noticed a double standard when it comes to human nature, as it relates to money. Have you ever noticed how some people are very eager to have you pay THEIR top-dollar price for what they sell you.

Now, take that same person and try to get them to pay YOUR price for what you’re trying to sell them. What was or is your result?

Most often, do they they balk at your price, even though you’re not gouging them?

This is what I’ve noticed in content marketing circles. People, even clients charge a generous price for their goods and services, but when they need to hire a writer, they devalue the writer, even a good one, but being unwilling to pay their fees.


Do you see a problem with this?

To be fair, I’m not an advocate of gouging at all, especially if a writer’s skill hardly justifies a hefty price.

On the other hand, a client wants “Gary Halbert” quality on the work they consider you for, but refuses to pay even a reasonable fee for it.

It used to be that the only way to get Gary Halbert quality was to hire Gary Halbert! You would pay dearly for it, but it was worth every penny.

Why? Because Gary had a knack for getting phenomenal results. The money you invested in Gary was a drop in the bucket compared to the massive revenue his copy could bring. That’s why he was so sought after.

Unfortunately, Gary passed away in 2007, and his sons are busting their tails to carry on his legacy. But the point here is if you wanted results, and you wanted Gary, you paid HIS fees.

Now just because Gary isn’t here doesn’t mean that anyone should expect his kind of results for pennies on the dollar.

I’m only one of several copywriters/content writers who has trained to write for results. But if you come to me wanting copy that Gary would put his name on, I’m going to work my butt off to give it to you.

But know this – I’m not going to charge you Gary’s fees, but I will charge you handsomely for it.


The first reason is that Gary did not acquire that ability overnight. He was one of the best because he learned from the best and busted his tail to become the best. To be able to get the kind of results he achieved took time and hard work.

The second reason is because I’ve studied much of Gary’s work, and refer back to it a lot. If asked to do a project in “Halbert Fashion”, you best believe I’m going to go the extra mile to emulate his approach and get you the results you’re after.

But again, be prepared to pay MY fees. That hard work is worth something to me, and it should be worth something to you.

This post is not simply about MY business. Think about yours. If you’re a content writer or copywriter who has a bit of experience and you’re getting some positive feedback, listen up.

Hiring a writer is a LUXURY for those who can afford it. You have bills just like anyone else. When you get to a point where you can go on your own to get better fees, do it.

Don’t get greedy, but be willing to assert yourself in a tactful way. Show prospects the value you’d be giving them.

This is the main thrust of this post. Too much emphasis is on the PRICE one pays for anything. People need to take a look at the VALUE they’re getting for the investment they make.

For example, you can pay $10 for a 1,000-word article and the writer MIGHT wow you with some high points if they’re in a good mood.

Pay that same writer $50 for the same article, and chances are good that writer will work harder for it, AND be moved to give you more quality than they might for $10.

Or, think of any product you might buy. Why do supermarkets mark down meats? Most of the time, it’s because the meat is close to it’s “Sell by” or “Use or freeze by” such-and-such a date.

Such markdowns are still risky. I’ve taken advantage of them before and the meat was inferior quality or so close to going bad that I would have been better off paying a little more for a better quality product.

Get the picture?

Quality doesn’t come cheap…at least it rarely does. When it comes to content and copy, “cheaper” is not better.

When you’re looking for a writer, be sure of a few things first before you hire them.

One, remind yourself that hiring a writer or a copywriter is a luxury, not a necessity.

Two, if you’re looking for high quality, be prepared to pay for it. Nothing wrong with shopping around, but quality comes at a price.

Three, put yourself in the writer’s place. How would you feel if someone tried to low ball you out of paying your price if it was reasonable?

Incidentally, I’m pretty sure this subject will get some attention, so you may hear about it again. Writers work hard and should be compensated properly for it.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day! See you next post!


Saving Money or Sacrificing Value?

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