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If you’re looking for a native-English-speaking, U.S. born professional writer, you have found the right page.

Content writers are all over. Maybe you have used a few. How was your experience? Of course, everyone’s experience with writers is not always the same. But here is an experience that is pretty common, one that can cause problems.

Professional Writers With Limited English

First of all, I don’t mean to sound critical of other writers who have learned some English, attempting to break into the English market. Frankly, if I were in a foreign country, I too might learn as much as I can about the local language in order to write in it, and get work from it.

Realistically, though, I know that the chances are nearly 100% that a writer versed in that foreign language is way more likely to get work in that language. Why?

The reason is because they know the language. They speak it, read it, and write it. It’s just a fact. Well, it’s just as true in the U.S.

A client may be tempted to hire a professional writer because they could be cheaper – very often they are – but find that the grammar, spelling and other factors don’t reflect that the writer knows English.

This presents another problem. If the client decides to publish the piece without correcting it – not wise – they may find that it’s doing more harm to their business than good.

A handful of people may let it slide if they find a few typos, but if the piece has several errors that even a novice could avoid, readers will be turned off.

If the piece is geared toward bringing in new subscribers, you may be fortunate to get a few names at best.

If your content is part of an email sequence, constant errors may cause people to unsubscribe.

If you’re trying to sell something through the piece of content, those same errors will likely kill your sales dead in the water – even if your product is good.

You get the picture?

Maybe we can look back on our school days and appreciate why grammar and spelling were so important. It’s still just as important today as it ever was, possibly more so.

The Price of “Cheaper”

It was briefly mentioned earlier, but this dilemma proves that cheaper is not always better. If you have hired a professional writer in the past because they were cheaper, and discovered that they didn’t grasp English as you thought, then you can relate.

Besides having to pay the writer for their work, you’ll end up paying someone else to fix it, and hope they get it right. By the time you’re through, the money you paid to all of these people could meet or exceed the money you could have paid ONE writer to do the job right.

Here’s another thing about “price” that people don’t think about. Ask yourself this: “What value am I getting for the investment I made?”

Everyone seems to want great content on their websites. However, greatness comes at a price, as it rightly should. You can’t expect great content that’s going to potentially make dollars for you, when you’re only willing to pay pennies for it.

For example, if you’ve been connected with copywriting at all, you may have come across the name of the late copywriting legend Gary Halbert. If you know anything about Gary, then you know that he was one of the highest-paid copywriters of his day. If anyone learned copywriting from Gary, they’re going to be good.

I had a prospect contact me once about doing an advertorial. He mentioned how he wanted the kind of writing that Gary could do, which I can to a healthy degree. There was just one problem: He was a chiseler.

The man wanted Rolls Royce quality, but didn’t want to pay the fee I was prepared to charge him, which in reality was still lower than the industry standards. Needless to say, he disappeared off the radar. Good riddance.

The moral of the story is that if you want quality, you must be prepared to pay for it. I’m not saying you have to set yourself up to be gouged by a writer. This does happen, but not on my turf.

Whether I’m preparing web articles for your site, press releases to create some buzz for a new launch or other development in your business, blog posts to keep your readers informed, utilizing social media to spread your message – whatever – I’m not going to be cheap, but I’m not going to gouge you either.

The Price of “Expensive”

The other side of the coin is that a writer can charge a price that he or she is so far out of reach of your budget, they might as well be on the moon.

To be fair, not all writers who are “expensive” are trying to gouge their customers. Frankly, there are some writers who are so good that their price justifies it. And you know what? These people have worked their tails off to get good enough to charge as much as they do. They’ve earned that right, so don’t be critical.

Now, when I say that they’re “good”, what do I mean?

Getting straight to the point, it’s about RESULTS!

What kind of results would you be looking for from a hired professional writer? Maybe you want your squeeze page to draw more people to subscribe to your newsletter. Maybe you want to keep your readers informed so that they will stick around. Or, it could be that you want to draw your existing readers and/or subscribers to your sales page to sell them a new product that will help them.

Whatever the case, it’s results that get the big paychecks. When a writer can consistently get results for clients, they’ve got it made. But that takes time, effort and patience. These are the few things these writers have done in order to get to that level of “good”. In fact, these are the very same things many writers are not willing to do, and they suffer for it. Think about it.

Let me ask you this. Which type of professional writer would you rather hire? Would you just get by with someone who has nominal writing skill, but just wants the money? Or would you take a chance on a writer who has worked hard to become a writer who can get results, one who will listen to their client and produce the kind of work the client wants, at a reasonable price?

The answer is obvious.

So if you think a writer is “expensive” it may help for you to know if the writer has a good enough track record to justify it. If they’re known to get results, then they may be on track with their price.

It could be that many good writers will simply be out of your budget, even if their price is justified. If so, just remember that hiring a professional writer is a luxury, not a necessity, and is available to those who can afford it.

Again, don’t be turned off automatically by a writer’s fees. They’re not necessarily trying to gouge people; they’ve worked hard to get where they are and deserve to earn better – like anyone else.

The Price of Working With Me

Now that we’ve looked at both sides of the price coin, allow me to talk about why you should work with me.


Since this is usually the item that people ask about first, let’s get it out of the way. First of all, whatever your project is, I will always charge fees that are fair for you, but also to me.

Writing is work. Ask my hands, fingers and tendons how they feel after long writing sessions on a project. There is also a great deal of mental work involved that most people don’t realize. Even web articles need some research, and then they need to be organized and written so that it will flow when being read.

I also personally commit some reasonable creative thinking to a project. I might be looking for words or phrases that will resonate with your audience. I might be looking for a way to say something in a way that just knocks the readers’ socks off.

Whatever the case, all of this is work, and I shouldn’t be expected to perform it for free. If I decide to do so, that’s my prerogative. Just please don’t expect it.

Another thing – none of us are perfect. So if I happen to miss something, I’ll fix it. You can be sure that I want to build a list of satisfied customers, one at a time.

Deadlines & Communication

Deadlines should always be important to writers, just as they are to clients. When you’re launching a website, for example, and you’re waiting on content to upload to it, this is unacceptable.

Launching a product most often has a specific date attached to it. Here again, if your email sequences are still in the works, or your sales page just doesn’t cut it, the delays to fix it could be costly on many levels.

As for me, I will do my utmost to return your work within the deadlines. All the same, you know that “life happens”. It’s no different with me. I have responsibilities in addition to writing projects unusual to most people. So if something comes up on my end, I will let you know immediately, and where possible, give you an idea of when things will get back on track.

This leads me to the subject of communication. One thing that really bothers clients is a writer’s failure to communicate. I’ve heard horror stories of writers who commit to clients’ projects, take their deposit, and then sit on the project without any real progress.

A client who is paying a writer for a project deserves to hear from the writer to see how things are going. If you heard nothing from your writer, would you be wondering if you’ve been defrauded, or maybe they had an emergency? You really wouldn’t know.

I’m a big believer in communication. We’re all busy in some form, but I will occasionally reach out to get some feedback on a draft, information about payment, etc. I am almost always prompt in bringing potential issues to your attention.

On the same token, it will go well for the project and anyone involved, for me to receive timely replies to my communications…just saying.

My Work

Finally, I’d like to emphasize how I work. This is what is going to lead to finishing your project, getting the results you’re after, and cement our relationship.

I will listen to you as you spell out the details of your project to me. I will take careful notes. When you’re done, I will repeat those details back to you, to ensure that I understand what you want from the project.

Then I will perform the work, with an attention to quality and as minimal editing as possible, balanced with a streamline approach so that things can be done within your deadline. As a native English writer, grammar and punctuation will always be checked prior to sending to you.

In my experience, as long as instructions are laid out clearly, edits and revisions should be minimal. I have been able to present completed on the first try, followed by an ecstatic customer.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, no one is perfect. So if something needs fixing, I’ll fix it. I’m fair with everyone.

Are You Ready To Hire a Professional Writer?

So if you value what good writers do to create quality content that:

  • brings in more subscribers,
  • keeps your readers educated or
  • effectively sells your products or services to your market,

then let’s talk.

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We’ll talk about your situation and see what I can do to help you. Who knows? Maybe I’m the professional writer that will be the answer to your needs.